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Panorama Dick Berlijn, Senior Board Advisor Deloitte Hans Bootsma, Cloud Assurance leader at Deloitte Erik van Toor, Director at Deloitte Innovation Peter Bommel, Chairman Executive Board at Deloitte Peter Bommel, Chairman Executive Board at Deloitte Rosanne Godijk, Junior manager Tax and Location services Gerald de Boer, Internal Services Director at Deloitte Wouter van Gelderen, Consulting Partner at Deloitte Paul Seegers, Audit Partner at Deloitte

Dick Berlijn, Senior Board Advisor Deloitte

Dick Berlijn, Senior Board Advisor Deloitte, explains Deloitte’s view on Cyber Security in sound bites.

  • Het Financieele Dagblad (20 April 2013)

    The number of incidents is on the rise and their consequences are getting bigger and bigger

  • BNR (21 April 2013)

    The question is not if, but when you will be hacked

  • Radio 1 (6 April 2013)

    The important thing is to identify the attack early on and then to respond adequately

  • (28 September 2012)

    Stopping digital criminals requires better international cooperation

  • Telegraaf (28 September 2012)

    Multinationals and governments will have to exchange much more information and have a greater awareness of threats

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Hans Bootsma, Cloud Assurance leader at Deloitte

Hans Bootsma, Cloud Assurance Leader Deloitte, blogs on a business opportunity and how Deloitte gave him the possibilities to develop it into a proposition.

The audit profession is rapidly changing. Besides the increasing pressure on auditors to look beyond auditing and accounting, IT systems - providing higher quality financial information in even larger quantities – take over the work of auditors. These new developments force audit firms to adapt their services to the new reality or to develop new services. But most of all they compel them to stand out.

Cloud Computing is one of the areas in which Deloitte experts make their mark. Cloud Computing offers a host of opportunities, so many companies want to take the plunge and put their information in the cloud. But this still raises many questions: "What assurance do I have as an end-user of Cloud services?", "How is my data secured?" and "Where is my data stored?". These questions were the starting point for developing a new Deloitte service. I saw a great business opportunity.

Though relatively simple, this question proved to be quite difficult to answer. First of all because the location of data is challenging to determine, and secondly because an organization like Deloitte needed to be equipped to develop such a service three years ago. When we went to the market, we called the service offering "Assuring the Cloud".

Developing a brand new service requires a lot of commitment of many people. I was confident that we could do it, as I believed in the service offering and in the commitment of our organisation. For Assuring the Cloud it meant that IT experts and audit experts jointly assessed the possibilities of assuring (on a continuous basis the location of data in the Cloud). In numerous internal meetings and in meetings with leading Cloud providers, this was said to be impossible. I took it on as challenge. Although it was concluded by many that we could not provide assurance about the location of data. I saw that differently. But, I have to admit, on top of that the selected business model turned out to be a challenge: charge clients per Gigabyte or per user? That model had never been used within the world of assurance.

I can now say – and am very proud of that - that all potential issues were solved in the end. By using innovative data analysis techniques Deloitte was able to be the first and only provider of assurance about the location of data in the Cloud. This also led to supporting KPN with its CloudNL service: a Dutch cloud environment with regulatory compliance at its heart. Location of data and providing assurance about that are key in this.

Why did we succeed? By supporting innovation initiatives through a central business unit (Deloitte Innovation) Deloitte succeeded to line up the required experts. The team was enabled to develop the proposition and to make mistakes. But most of all, the team succeeded because it had the time to find a solution for issuing arising during development. So I can say: Deloitte Innovation is the true driver of the solution’s success.

The result: assuring the Cloud provides assurance on the location of data in the cloud. It was just as I had in mind. Clients are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. That is a brand new business model for Deloitte. So you can say Assuring the Cloud is innovative in many ways.

Deloitte has made innovation one of its key objectives - quite a giant leap for a relatively traditional audit firm. How are you facing the future? How will you make your mark? The future is in innovation!

Want to know more about Cloud Assurance? Please get in touch with Hans Bootsma at or read this.

Erik van Toor, Director at Deloitte Innovation

Erik van Toor, Director at Deloitte Innovation, explains the unique service Process X-ray in a nutshell.

Why is Process X-ray important for Deloitte?

Process X-ray is all about providing insights that empower Deloitte professionals to deliver business impact. These insights are used at some of the largest companies in the world to address business issues, such as finance transformation, working capital reduction, process harmonization initiatives, compliance questions and tax issues. So once embedded in our services, Process X-ray provides unique insights to solve our client’s issues

Is Process X-ray a differentiator in the market?

Certainly. Deloitte is the only party in the market that can offer its clients end-to-end process insights to help them permanently address the root causes of business issues, providing a valuable contribution to both clients and Deloitte professionals.

Is Process X-ray interesting for every organisation?

Every organisation that uses SAP or Oracle. If a client is interested in the possibilities Process X-ray has to offer, we are – of course - more than happy to help. One way to get in touch is through their Deloitte contactperson or through

Want to hear more about X-ray? Please get in touch with Erik van Toor at

Peter Bommel, Chairman Executive Board at Deloitte

Peter Bommel, Chairman Executive Board at Deloitte welcomes you to our annual report website

We proudly present our annual reports; an overview of our achievements of 2012 / 2013. Welcome also to this homepage in which I am accompanied by some of my colleagues. All of us share a story. In this special way we want to introduce you to some of the highlights of the last fiscal year.

Due to our sustainable partnerships with our clients, employees, suppliers and society we maintained to stabilise our turnover. Our approach to focus on advisory services contributed to this success in turbulent economic times.

We have developed innovative services to help our clients excel and prepare for the future. Examples of these new areas are ‘Assuring the Cloud’, ‘Cyber Security’, ‘X-ray’ and Data Analytics. All developed via our intensive innovation programme where employees are offered the necessary resources to build high quality services for our clients.

I am proud of the energy and professionalism that thousands of Deloitters are displaying on a day-to-day basis. If ever there was the opportunity and the necessity to excel, today is the day and our people seem to be well aware of this. As a professional services provider, it is our role to help our clients face the challenges of today and prepare them for tomorrow.

I wish you inspiration while reading!

Please find our annual reports here

Financial Highlights

Deloitte Inforgraphic

Rosanne Goodijk, Junior Manager Tax at Deloitte

Rosanne Goodijk is Junior Manager Tax at Deloitte and also Location Council Member for the IMC Weekendschool at Rotterdam

‘Make others grow’

The IMC Weekendschool Rotterdam Location Council posed for a photo on 25 May 2013 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the IMC Weekendschool. This special school provides additional education to youngsters between the ages of 10 and 14 from socio-economically deprived districts. Rosanne: "I contribute to the thought process on the approach of the Weekendschool, advise the organization, organize activities for alumni and act as an ambassador. Honourable work, that is supported by the Fair Chance Foundation of Deloitte and it is a nice change from my daily work.

Rosanne Goodijk

To learn more about the Fair Chance Foundation, please click here or get in touch with Rosanne at

Gerald de Boer, Internal Services Director at Deloitte

Gerald de Boer is the first Dutch Deloitte employee with a diesel plug-in Hybrid leased car.

‘Greening our fleet’

Mobility is vital for a professional services provider like Deloitte. However, mobility (lease cars, flights and public transport) is an important contributor to our carbon footprint. Therefore, we maintain a green lease policy that encourages eligible employees to choose energy efficient leased cars and discourages the use of cars that do not meet our green criteria. The green lease policy is only one of the many measures Deloitte takes in protecting the environment. Other activities include powering our offices with renewable, CO2 neutral sources and the implementation of the high BREEAM standards for new and existing offices. Deloitte believes we are all responsible for preserving natural resources for future generations, even if the footprint is relatively limited.

Gerald de Boer

To learn more on our green lease policy please read our Sustainability Report.

Wouter van Gelderen, Consulting Partner at Deloitte

Wouter van Gelderen, Consulting Partner at Deloitte blogs on the work he does for one of his clients.

Capital is scarce. But that’s nothing new these days. As a result, many companies are dealing with the question how to generate more cash from existing business. This question opens up a world of opportunities for us as consultants. We recently completed a magnificent engagement at one of the world’s largest telecom providers, VimpelCom.

VimpelCom focuses on mobile telecommunication in emerging countries and is active in various telecom markets in Russia, Southern Europe, Central and South-East Asia and (North) Africa. The company realises sales of around a 23 billion dollar and serves about 215 million customers from its head office in Amsterdam.

The world of VimpelCom is well known at Deloitte: briefly after opening its new head office in Amsterdam and appointing Henk van Dalen as CFO in 2010, VimpelCom engaged Deloitte to deliver management reports and improve the budget cycle.

Within the telecom sector it is crucial to have sufficient capital available to invest in network expansion, maintenance and acquisition of 3G and 4G licenses. VimpelCom’s instructed Deloitte to clearly outline current working capital positions in the countries in scope and to draft a feasible plan with clear improvements and an ambitious target to reduce working capital.

A team of around twenty Deloitte professionals started this challenging job in 2012, analysing internal processes within the VimpelCom operating companies in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This process analysis was complemented with analyses of receivables, payables and stock positions using the CashBoard, Deloitte’s data analytics tool for working capital reduction. The CashBoard provided VimpelCom and its operating companies the required insight at transaction level of receivables, payables and stock positions.

Engagements like this cross national boundaries, because of the client’s international profile and due to the cooperation of eight Deloitte member firms. The project resulted in a practical plan for improvement and clear targets based on which VimpelCom is improving its processes and standards for a permanent working capital reduction. The question is not whether it generates cash, but how much it generates. Combined with lasting transparency of the working capital positions, this is an outcome both VimpelCom and Deloitte are very pleased about.

There’s a world of opportunities for Deloitte to join forces with other companies to be just as successful. Who’s next?

Want to know more? Please get in touch with Wouter van Gelderen at

Paul Seegers, Audit Partner at Deloitte

Paul Seegers, Audit Partner quotes about our relationship with clients

  • The quality of our services depends entirely on the quality of our people. I am very proud of the dedication, the drive and enthusiasm my colleagues demonstrate every day in delivering quality services to our clients.

  • We are genuinely interested in our clients. We try to get into the DNA of their business to understand their needs, so we service them with the right answers and solutions. We enjoy going the extra mile to provide exceptional service. These are qualities I look for in my teams.

  • Our relationship with our clients goes simply beyond business. We deliver a wide range of services, but first and foremost we are a people business! So we never forget the personal elements.

  • We have respect for each other’s professional responsibilities and capabilities. That means we do not only have a business relationship. Business is also about building relationships and enjoying informal moments together, like inviting clients to the KLM Dutch Open.

  • Trust and respect is something that you need to earn. As a team we are always eager to learn and we welcome feedback or constructive criticism. How? That’s simple. We just ask our clients continuously, not just at the end of a project.

Clients about Deloitte

Our clients on how they experience our services.